OAD provides both design & engineering consultancy as well as developing customised products.

An exceptionally professional design & engineering consultancy service is provided to an international client base.  With experience in Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Rail and Consumer Product we are expertly placed to provide the support you need to realise your product aspirations.  Our particular consultancy specialisms include downhole tool design for the Oil & Gas industry and mechanical engineering simulation and analysis (FEA and associated rigid body dynamics as well as dynamic mechanisms).

We also provide a manufacturing management service through our network of trusted suppliers providing quality and approved parts to customers.

OAD develops customised products aimed at companies operating in the Oil & Gas and Subsea markets, but which also have applications in other markets too including Aerospace, Automotive & Marine.  The designs are based upon a common, ‘core’ designs which can be customised to suit a customers requirements. Many of the products have optional integrated sensors to help monitor operations providing vital feedback for both well and equipment condition thus helping you maintain a safer, efficient operation.  New products are constantly in development and as such if you have tool or part requirements which are not listed in the range, or you would like further customisation to a product in the range, we are more than happy to design and engineer them for you.

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